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This class offers the participant an opportunity to relieve tension and stress through breath work, gentle stretching and mindful movement.  Modifications provided for those in need.  Appropriate for beginners and beyond.


Breath & Meditation

Gentle Flow yoga

Yoga with Rachel

YOGA & Meditation

yoga for everyone

Learn ways to breathe deeper and access the many health benefits of deep and mindful breathing.  Practice mindful breathing and quiet reflection in a supportive and peaceful space.  Some guided instruction/visualization and opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.  Sit on cushions on the floor or in chairs.  


No matter what your ability or previous experiences with yoga or fitness, yoga and meditation can have a positive impact on your life.  We all can benefit from accessing deep peace within ourselves and gaining strength and ease in our bodies.

All Levels Yoga

Up for more of a challenge?  Move through basic, as well as more challenging yoga poses, flows and sun salutations, while focusing on physical alignment and movement of breath and energy.  Modifications provided for those in need.